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cut-throat razors and beyond...

Killer Kamisoricut-throat razor noun [C] UK (US straight razor)

a type of old-fashioned razor with a long blade that folds out from the handle

(Definition of cut-throat razor noun from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

About this site

What this site is about

This is a private site about straight razors and shaving. It was started as a staging site and autogenically began a life of its own, which is why it serves no real purpose other than to give its members room to bounce ideas off their peers, comment on and criticise recent developments in the shaving scene, and publish other shaving related content.

Who we are

This site is run by three people.

  1. Ben takes care of most of the technology. He also provides the hosting.
  2. Paul does most of the editing.
  3. Robin "founded" it, or something like that.

But,  there are quite a few more people involved. While most of the publishing is done by Paul and Robin, contributions and ideas come from everywhere.

How you contribute to this site

Sign up for an account, and start writing. Every publication on this site is moderated. There is enough badly written content about shaving already, and we believe we should not contribute more. We indiscriminately discard articles considered boring, attempts at promoting commercial goods or services, and everything not in line with the general theme of this site.

We are looking for original pieces that are thought provoking, witty, or simply could not be published anywhere else for political reasons.

Who owns this site

Technically, Ben because he provides the hosting. We are not, however, affiliated with any commercial entity for funding. This site is, and will always be, a private enterprise. We believe that commercial influence narrows the scope of topics upon which a site can touch, as well as the users' ability to comment, and particularly criticise, products or services. 

Why this site does not have a forum

As you may have noticed, the site features no forum. That is a design decision. We do not believe in forums in their current form, because they encourage people to disregard existing information (such as's Sharpening Academy or The Straight Razor Place's Wiki).

That said, this site does have forum functionality. It also has polls, user galleries, rather nifty review ratings - the full monte. However, we believe that small is elegant, and since we do not intend to compete with other shaving forums, there is no need to flaunt all the technology we have. Shaving with cutthroat razors should be simple, and this site's layout and technology is intended to reflect that simplicity.

Why this site is part of the Temple of Hate

If you are referring to the domain name, there is a simple explanation: Temple of was already taken when the site was founded almost a decade ago.  There you go. 

If it is the content that bothers you: We believe in clear, structured thoughts and language. We therefore try to avoid letting political correctness get in the way of our messages. If you feel that some of the things we say drip with digital hate, remember that no amount of polishing will turn the proverbial brown matter into something beautiful. And some of the developments in the shaving scene deserve this type of directness.  

A fortuitous, yet fitting, coincidence is the habit of the intellectually weak to refer to those who disagree with them as "Haters".  Instead of changing the domain name to, we decided to embrace our role as outliers swimming against the current of today's marketing driven shaving scene.