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Killer Kamisoricut-throat razor noun [C] UK (US straight razor)

a type of old-fashioned razor with a long blade that folds out from the handle

(Definition of cut-throat razor noun from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

Shaving Videos That Have Influenced Me

February 7, 2010 — Obie

Scores of instructional videos have fed me invaluable information through the years on the art and the craft of wet shaving with the straight razor. Since I will always consider myself a straight razor pilgrim, these videos also continue to serve as refreshers for me in this distinct form of wet shaving.

The big number of videos I have seen and studied range from gems to clunkers out of gas, with a fair number falling somewhere in between. I have learned some things from all of them. Even those one might consider a waste of time have served as lessons for me — in what not to do.

That I have been a wet shaver for many years has amplified the pleasure and the artistic satisfaction I derive from the straight razor. Those with the most influence on me among my favorite straight razor shaving videos, therefore, have been a good beginning in my continued exploration of the straight razor’s complex characteristics.

Lynn Abrams’ DVD, “The World of Straight Razor Shaving,” has provided me with the most comprehensive course in the straight razor shaving universe. In the DVD, Lynn covers types and brands of straight razors, stropping, honing, lathering up and ultimately shaving.

The video is exceptionally good in its conversational tone. Lynn’s down-to-earth and intimate approach, highlighted by his effective eye contact, takes the viewer along on a detailed yet comfortable educational ride. I recommend this DVD to all newcomers to straight razor shaving.

Lynn’s subsequently condensed version as a U-Tube video concentrates on the shave itself. Here, too, Lynn displays the same quality characteristics used in his DVD. He limits the conversation to the essentials without being abrupt or telegraphic, unlike some videos that drone on with talk, dotted by an occasional shaving demonstration. Read more »

The Straight Razor Place experience

February 7, 2010 — R

If you shave with a straight razor, chances are you already know The Straight Razor Place ("SRP"). If you do not, you probably should. It is the oldest, and largest "straight razors only" online community. I happen to be a developer on the site, ie I work behind the scenes and try to make the site an ever more pleasurable place to be. That means, I devote a good amount of my free to time on the site, either developing it, or posting there.

Of course, there are other shaving related sites, too. There is an excellent German language forum called Gut Rasiert ("well shaven"), and a number of English language forums, too. So why SRP? When I joined back in early 2008, I found the site lacking in a number of respects: Read more »

Fun with the gallery here

January 29, 2010 — R

I have been playing around with the gallery here on cutthroat a bit more. Some of the results can be seen in my user gallery:

  1. The user galleries are now fully functional.
  2. RSS Feeds now work (here is mine).
  3. Members of this site have access to a menu to access an image's or album's formatted URLs. As a result, images can easily be shown in other locations via copy and paste. Example below.

The beauty part is that the integration into Drupal, ie the software used as a CMS on this site, works flawlessly. I really like working with Drupal.

I love USPS and customs, or a tale of a one way relationship

January 12, 2010 — R

Right. So I bought four vintage razors from an SRP member, and some hardware from SRD. Both packages left the US around 30 December 2009. Yesterday, I got two notifications:

  1. The vintage razors were snatched by German customs. I have been there before, and it is never pretty. More to the point, the customs officers are easily confused, and really do not understand the difference between a vintage tool, and an antique collectible. Which typically results in me spending between 30 and 90 minutes waiting and then discussing an appropricate customs fee for my shipments.
  2. The other was delivered to my door which was closed because I was at work. DHL in its fathomless wisdom therefore decided to deliver the parcel to a shop 300m down the street. Probably the only shop in my street which closes at 19:00, which means that I will be able to pick up the parcel before Saturday. It contains a Wacker 7/8 "Old Sheffield" as well an SRD linen/felt strop with diamond spray, and some SRD soaps. I really want that package. Well, I shall have to wait for a few more days. No love for DHL.

Incidentally, the second package really should have been picked up by customs, as it contains new goods worth enough to warrant customs tax and VAT. Well, I shall keep you updated on my progress as time permits.

Razor review: The Dovo "Bismarck" 6/8 (black)

October 8, 2009 — R

This is a review of a Dovo "Bismarck" 6/8 razor  from Straight Razor Designs.

All things considered, I can highly recommend this razor, and the vendor.

Read more »