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Hidden gems, or there is more to it than forums

August 13, 2011 — R

Right. So I came across this cutthroat razor related blog about a week ago. Actually, more than one blog, all belonging to the same person. Skimmed their contents, thought it was outstanding. Got to talk with the owner. Suggested to consolidate all blogs into one website using Drupal, which is the same software we use here. We're almost done, having imported his Blogger content, added a shop system, and done some other stuff as well.

Once it's been launched, we'll let you know. But it's the best written blog about cutthroat razors I have ever read.

Chaps, here we go: The best written razor blog, and a very nice site overall - Jim Rion's new Eastern Smooth.

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I heard that it was launched

I wait with bated breath.

Up and running

Yes, it's up. You did well, youngling. Me, I'm really happy that Jim's fantastic content now has an adequate representation. I really like that site.

My Gratitude to You Both

Thank you guys so much for all the help. I mean it, I'm utterly floored by how much time and effort you've given on my behalf. I'll do my best to make it worth it.

And thank you for the kind words. The blog is something I would do even if no one read, but the fact that people do is immensely gratifying.

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