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Review of the Revisor "Revisor Extra" 8/8 straight razor

June 3, 2010 — R

Another day, another Revisor. A lot of people are looking for 8/8 fully hollow ground blades. There are only two manufacturers still in business who produce them: Wacker, and, since recently, Revisor. Wacker razors are known to be excellent, but not too much is known about the Revisors (or "Die Revisoren" as we call them in Deutschland). Thomas Kronenberg, Revisor's CEO kindly helped Lynn and me to a couple of them, and I own another: Revisor "5-0003" 5/8 and Revisor Seemann 6/8 with thumb notch scored 99 and 91%, respectively, placing them firmly in the top league of current production razors (if you believe my ratings, of course).

Today, this "Revisor Extra" arrived. Here is the review (as always, click to enlarge images, more images in my gallery).

This is a big razor. A very big razor. Above, you can see it alongside (from left to right) a 4/8 Gottlieb Hammesfahr, a 5/8 Silberstahl, a 6/8 Otto Deutsch, and a 7/8 Henckels.

Henckels "Friodur" 7/8 vs Revisor "Revisor Extra" 8/8

Hammesfahr 4/8 vs Revisor "Revisor Extra" 8/8

Craftsmanship: Revisor have mastered the old German craft of making straight razors, and exceedingly well at that. I will not even go much into the details (perfect deep etching, perfect paint). There are two imperfections on this razor: The tip is ground slightly unevenly, and the scales are not 100% straight:

The scales are made of Indian water buffalo horn: Big, blonde, beautiful. They feel as good as they look, if not better.

Also, mind the grind:

While Revisoren are not too widely known outside Germany, their razors (old, NOS, and new forgings alike) are considered to be among the top razors in the market by several eminent authorities in the German forums.

: The balance is, again, perfect. Despite its size and weight, the razor is easy to manoeuvre round the face, but one has to keep in mind that the blade and the scales are big; this razor shaves completely differently than a 6/8 Revisor, for example.

: I am giving this razor a high rating here, because there are substantiated rumours that the days of big blades made in Germany are numbered.

: € 178 incl. VAT. Approximately the price of a Wacker Jungmeister, and less than you pay for a number of NOS (or even used) razors this size. Since this question comes up quite often: If you want to buy from Revisor, turn to our member Revisor, or visit their contact page.

Overall: This "Revisor Extra" is a very well made, well balanced razor with beautiful scales which, according to Lynn, who honed this one, is also easy to hone.

Recommended? In my personal opinion, if you bring some experience already, absolutely. But there are - the usual - reservations: This is a big blade, and while easy to manoeuvre for an experienced shaver, beginners should probably get the Seemann if they want a Revisor. The tip of the Extra is muted, but it is a big square point, and that is an accident waiting to happen in the hands of the uninitiated. Also, the etching and goldwash are rather prominent, and a number of people do not like that. The etching is a Tiefenätzung, ie deep. The paint will fade with time, but it can be restored.

Overall, however, this is a lot of blade for the money, and if you like the looks and the shave of a wide, fully hollow ground razor from a reputable source, this one will likely not disappoint.

On a personal note: I just did a quick calculus: I have been shaving with straight razors for 916 days. I have shaved twice per day on about 25% of these days, so we are talking about 1150 shaves with about 150 different razors. I shaved with the Revisor Extra again this morning, and it was one of the very few truly memorable shaves, 'buttery smooth', 'whiskers melted away before the blade', 'insert your favourite description of perfect here', ... This tells me all I need to know about this razor.

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Hi Robin, this 8/8 razor look

Hi Robin, this 8/8 razor looks fine! As a like big hollowed blades, I'd like to see it for real. Do you know any shop in Berlin that sells some of these razors, as I soon go there for holidays? However, thanks for your reviews and for sharing infos on an unknown brand (here in France for sure!).



Revisor sell only via their website


Revisor sell only via their website The one shop worth visiting in Berlin is

Let me know when you are here, I can show you a few razors you probably do not know yet.


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