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Razor review: The Dovo "Bismarck" 6/8 (black)

October 8, 2009 — R

This is a review of a Dovo "Bismarck" 6/8 razor  from Straight Razor Designs.

Craftsmanship : The craftsmanship of this razor is almost flawless. The razor is perfectly straight, the filework on the spine is perfect, as is the goldwash. The scales are relatively small, but well done, including the faux MOP inlay. The only criticism I can offer is that the scales are not perfectly straig ht, but have a warp of about .5mm - basically not visible to the naked eye, and certainly not a problem with respect to usability.

Compared to the Le Grelot, the razor is much more pleasing to the eye, and the craftsmanship is in fact better. No major issues on either razor, but you have to keep in mind that the Dovo comes with all the bells and whistles, whereas the TI is, well, just a razor with black scales.

Balance: The razor is perfectly well balanced. Shaving with it is a pure joy from an ergonomic perspective. It has slightly less heft than the Le Grelot, but that is actually a pro argument in my book. Of course, it also offers more flex, as it is a full hollow ground razor, but again, this is also a pro - if you know how to use a full hollow.

Collectability: The razor is still in production, and there are no signs of Dovo going out of business, so I rated it n/a. If you asked me for my personal opinion, availability not withstanding, I would give it a 9-10. I am not overly fond of gold wash, but the one on this razor is perfectly done, and compliments the scales, thus enhancing the overall look of the razor.

Price: Right. We do not promote individual razors here, and I have always tried to answer beginner questions about individual razors with what I found was the best offer in the market. So please do not take this as a shameless plug for the guys who sell the razor. But the price is right.

Overall: Let me begin by saying that I have seen slightly more than the odd Dovo in my time. Actually more than 500, as I live pretty much next door to one of Germany's largest retailers of these razors. I could not disagree mor with what was said over at the other forum, both in content, but also in style. This razor is not my first Dovo. It most certainly will not be my last. And the next one will come from SRD again, as this razor, incidentally, was the first one I received that was honed by Lynn. I've never been much of a fanboy, but the old man really knows how to put an edge on a razor - the first 5 shaves were smooth, and consistent. Apparently, the razor is also able to hold an edge well, as I did not strop it too much for testing purposes.

All things considered, I can highly recommend this razor, and the vendor. And albeit that the Le Grelot is a slightly different razor, I consider the Bismarck the better alternative (personal preference, mind you) - especially given the difference in price for the TI (which recently went out of production and now fetches prices that bear no relationship to its performance).